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On the hunt

So I'm still on the jobhunt but my efforts are largely focused on Singapore for now. Sadly, there doesn't seem to be that many corp comms/pr openings there, sobs. Lots of marketing ones though but I'm not entirely sure I want to completely switch fields, especially since I'm fresh out of my masters. But anyway.

So I found 3, potentially 4, positions that really interest me, but all 4 are marketing roles. They all sound really interesting and exciting, plus there's also the possibility of travel. And they all require regional marketing, which excites me further since I won't just be marketing to the local market. I get to put the theories learnt on my course into practice! 

I've also noticed that the marketing roles I've applied for are more marcomms, in that there's an element of PR required such as social media marketing and managing the media. So I'm not leaving my field entirely, it's more of exploring another side of comms. And the way things are going, marketing looks set to be linked more and more with communications, which is swell because I like both aspects. I discovered this interest while working on my dissertation, the whole idea of branding, marketing and communicating a brand to an audience etc etc etc. So it'll be cool if I can get into that area.

I'm also excited for the one interview I managed to secure thus far. It'll be same same but different, new challenges to tackle and new areas of comms to explore within the same industry. I reckon that this plus if I get shortlisted for the above 3-4 positions, I'd be very excited about going back to Singapore simply because there's a brighter future to look forward to - hopefully.

That said, just over 2 weeks left here. =( Got to enjoy it while I can!