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One more month...

Left in UK. How time has flown! To be honest though, this nothing-to-do period is making me really lazy and lethargic, not a good sign. I need something constructive to do!! Come to think of it, I do have a report to write and some advice piece for the charity to do. Also jobs to apply for. But I feel so... bored and uninspired and generally in a state of I-can't-be-bothered-I-want-to-go-out-and-EXPLORE-ness.

On a brighter note (in this otherwise dreary weather), I just came back from London. London was same old same old, I didn't even shop much (the horror!) or, *gasp* watch any musicals! OMG. Mei has turned into an alien. Well no, there weren't any shows on Sun and the other days were just occupied with other plans. Meeting up with Yalan was fun though! I think she was highly entertained by me, hah. And it was nice to see Tim and Doug before I have to leave. And salsa with Magna Gopal! That was AWESOME.

I finally used up my topshop voucher on this lovely lacey black peplum top! And my aunt bought me a light pink/cream blazer. All ready to re-enter the workforce, I just need a job! Hah.

Am looking forward to exploring more of England when Yefeng visits and my aunt has promised to drive me around when she comes back from Vegas. Hurrah!!