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Job job job...

2 potential job offers in Sg versus 0 here... time to seriously consider my options. It's good to know that my time working for them has impressed them enough to want me back, one year on. On the other hand, there is more workload and lesser me time to expect. Do I want to go through that challenge?

If I were to be perfectly honest and practical, going back to work in Sg is better in terms of financial stability. The people working in UK struggle to earn enough to lead a comfortable life in UK, much less to have any money to travel. In Sg, I'd have enough to afford short trips to neighbouring countries at least. 

Choices choices choices. This is giving me a headache. Gah. The ideal situation would be at least a placement to work here till Feb, and if nothing's changed by then, go home. But even securing a placement here is a toughie. Le sigh.