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[minmay] sexy

Note to myself

This is inspired by a conversation I had with a friend as we were walking back from Salsa last night. It was a lovely conversation and she helped put things into perspective for me. This is also a reflection of what I've learnt from recent conversations with other friends, reminders and promises to ourselves that we can all do with. 

Dear Self,

It doesn't matter what people say,
Or what people do,
Their actions shouldn't affect you anyway.

So what if they refuse to greet you,
Even when you greet them first;
So what if they refuse to respond,
Or even talk to you;
Their actions shouldn't bother you anyway.

If they ignore you,
Pretend you don't exist;
Even if they ask every other girl to dance,
Except you;
Their actions shouldn't upset you anyway.

And if he says you have to
Give things up just for him,
Conform to his ideals,
Lose yourself to stay with him;
His actions show he doesn't deserve you anyway.

But if you loved yourself better,
Appreciated yourself more,
Respected yourself regardless of what people say,
It doesn't matter what they said or do,
It wouldn't bother you anyway.